Caryn Parmentier Davies

“True teamwork demands a level of bonding at deeper levels. That requires intentional effort to build.” 

as published in Forbes

“Caryn completely charmed our members with her description of ‘Winning with Aloha’ and her tales of Hawaii’s most famous Olympian, Duke Kahanamoku.  Her keynote address made the annual conference a trip to remember.”

Ed Haik, Membership Co-Chair, Hawaii Captive Insurance Council

Caryn Davies came to speak to the AIM Central Massachusetts CEO Connection group of which I am a part, and I was fortunate to be able to include many members of our team here at Lutco as part of the audience and discussion.  Caryn comes with many years of proven team involvement over many Olympic cycles, and as a part many other teams that she has been involved in and been a part of their success.  This differentiates her from many others in the sport of rowing because it is one thing to be a part of a successful team, but entirely another to be a part of many different successful teams, often in the same pivotal position on each of those teams.  (more…)

Dug Stowe, Vice President of Operations, Lutco, Inc. Worcester MA