Rowing Machine Workouts

I hear that Concept 2 rowing machines (aka “ergs”) are on backorder due to COVID-19. Tough luck if you don’t already have one. But good for you if you do! Read on.

Like you, I’m currently working and training from home. And I’m lonely. So I’ve decided to invite you to share some of my workouts with me.

Pre-Recorded Workouts

I’ve been recording my erg workouts and posting them to YouTube so that you can follow along from home. Check them out on my channel here. I’ve got a playlist here for workouts and a playlist here for technique and tips.

Click on the icon to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

LIVE Workouts

I’m also leading live erg workoutsusually one or two a week. There are two types of live workout: YouTube livestream and Google Meet videoconference.

You can find the schedule in the calendar below. Click on an individual event to see what the workout is and how to watch it. Click here if you want to add my workout calendar to your own.

YouTube Live Workouts. To join YouTube live workouts, click here.

Google Meet Workouts. To join interactive group workouts on Google Meet, fill out the form below. If you have joined a live interactive workout previously, the link is the same.

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