Over the years, Caryn has appeared in various respected publications for her success in the Olympic Games and as one of Harvard University’s most decorated athletes.  More recently, she has used her voice to help others apply lessons learned in sport to business.

Click on the links below to read more about Ms. Davies, including what drives her success and how she built a series of unstoppable teams.

Seven Years Post-Retirement, Why is Three-Time Olympic Medalist Rower Caryn Davies Back in the Boat? – Team USA – August 2019 FULL STORY 

How to Build Deeply Connected Teams – Insights from an Olympic Medalist – Forbes -December 2017  FULL STORY

How to Build Amazing Teams – Insights from an Olympic MedalistForbes – November 2017  FULL STORY

Women Join Men on Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Day – NPR, Caryn Davies interviewed by Tamara Keith – April 2015  LISTEN HERE

In Search of the Next Passion – US Rowing – July 2016  FULL STORY

Rowing’s Caryn Davies Goes Out In Style – United States Olympic Committee – April 2015  DOWNLOAD HERE

This time it’s just for the fun of it; Olympian Davies out to recapture joy on river – Boston Globe – October 2006  DOWNLOAD HERE

Golden Girl at Full Power – Harvard Magazine – July 2003  DOWNLOAD HERE

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