Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach

After leading the US Women’s Rowing Team to Olympic Gold I’ve since retired from rowing at the elite level (though you’ll still catch me from time-to-time on the Charles River in my single), I’ve set my sights on coaching others to lead their teams to the next level on the professional stage.

I’ve been interviewed by Forbes, and work to be considered a thought leader in the areas of peak performance and the link between sport and life, and I’m extremely passionate about sharing this evolving knowledge and insight with others.

Utilizing skills learned in athletics and beyond, I deliver tangible results to individuals and organizations looking to enhance their skills in teamwork, communication and drive.

Outside of practicing corporate law in Boston, I offers various professional business and coaching services including:

  • executive performance coaching (Valor Perform – certified Associate Coach)
  • leadership consulting, and
  • motivational speaking.
Please feel free to reach out to me directly with this  contact form to inquire about hiring me to help your team reach the Gold Standard, or just to say hello.